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  • Hello Mate, just a quick one, saw the advert for your course starting in a few days, is it still on and still available??

    Where would the training take place? I saw it says South Wales but where exactly??

    If you could get back to me on email ashleygoane@yahoo.co.uk or here i would appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance

    I'm going to book a course soon, if I can maybe find somebody to share b&b with then I might be tempted to come down but even still a return ticket is easily gonna be £100 (train ticket)
    Hiya thanks for your reply to my post about FPOS I courses. £300 is a decent price but once paid for petrol and lodgings there I'm gonna be looking at about £500 so I'm not going to gain anything.
    sent you an invite mate as i trained with you on the FAAW course lol cheers ed
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