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  • Aebhric

    Thanks for your reply. I will contact Ian at MedicSkills, looks a possible.
    How did I get on the course for Offshore? I was accepted from my IHCD Tech, Ronin Intermediate Remote Med course, PHTLS ExMed.

    Regards and Thanks

    Hi Phil,

    We are talking with MedicSkills.co.uk. Ian is a good guy who already has HCPC recognition for his paramedic course. Give him an email and say that Aebhric referred you.
    He has a programme set up with 20 days of classroom spread out over two years. You still need to do your 1500 hours of clinicals in the UK over two years. His tuition is the cheapest I have seen in the UK.

    How did you get your Offshore Medic Course without being a paramedic?

    Hello Phil,

    Thanks so much for helping my baby girl last night.... all is now well she recovered fine, still a bit wheezy. They kept her and my wife in last night but they came home this morning. Steroids seemed to have done the trick and she is back to her bright self....

    Without sounding like an arselick.. its people like yourself doin the jobs you do, that make you realise how gooda job you and ur colleages really do. Only when it happens to one of your own do you reallise this..

    Thanks from both my wife and I.

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