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  • hi pierre im trying to find out how to pm people i hope this is it got a interview with g4s in aug im looking some insight
    Hi Pierre could you also send me a word document with a list of possible questions for the final SIA exam would really appreciate it mate. my email is clairelittle@ymail.com Many thanks
    Hi, I was wonderng if you has any joy with Pat Gleason of Asia Security Group and if you were able to send any email at all?
    Thanks Sneeky
    Hi Pierre,
    Thanks for the offer of help, I must be thick as I cannot see how to send you a private message, tried the FAQ and followed instructions still no joy.
    I would love to pick your brains and find out how things are going for you, I would really appreciate any help you can give. Cheers Vincent.
    Hey Pierre
    I am also currently looking at doing a CPO/HECPO course, which companies did you research and what were your finally thoughts to make you choose Regal?
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