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  • I am based in North Yorkshire (near Catterick). I work UK-wide for a group of different companies as a freelancer. Would you like me to email you a CV?

    John, Can you tell me what model of Tk these radios are. Are they hand helds that can be used as car sets with the addition of the fist mics and antennas? Only looking for 3 or 4 at the most. regards Phil
    I have the following if your intrested 8 kenwood tk radios with 6 spare batteries and rapid desk top charger. There is also 4 boot fit antennas and I may also be able to sort out some induction loops and earpieces. For the radios and bootfits and fist mics I will sell for £1350 if you are only after a few radios let me know and I can organise a price. John
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