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  • yeah mate i was gobsmacked with the irish result but you are holding up your end lol

    wait till cardiff mate home ground and all that the spirt of wales behind them then we will see

    lol ed
    yeah heard the results been working nights so did not see the games heard we played well mate but the better team won on the days lol
    remember mind will rip you when we win lol
    cheers and ok here mate cheers ed
    Hey mate good to hear from another kiwi! where have you been my friend? sorry if it's on your profile somewhere - I'm not too familiar with this site.. yet!
    stick in there mate im sure when that visa thing is sorted you will be off cheers ed
    I doesnt mention that job on the EODT site, i know it is for down in Helmand in 2 places a FOB and a Camp both hosting US Marines
    I dont think me being from UK makes any difference they offered me a position then changed the requirements at the last minute thanks,
    cant believe we have not linked up before mate sorry for that hope all is well cheers ed
    Yeah no probs bro, have worked with our Host commonwealth brothers long enough to know that they can lack a bit of morale at the best of times and become MORALE thieves hahaha Abit like coronation street and East enders, doom and gloom everywhere.
    The old Wife is the boss, I know the feeling. Yeah I work for iusebfi, am also awaiting a visa, appears their maybe some movement VERY SLOW.Have you tried jhvuyv
    ? Knowing someone is the key aye mate. Where abouts in NZ are you?
    Based In Bne, am waiting for an Iraq Visa so I can go back to work, may have to look elsewhere. Yourself?
    Kia Ora Bro, seen you had ducked into my non existent profile so thought i would drop in and say hello =)
    yes I dont know what went wrong, All photos the same size more or less. all same size at home.
    dam modern technology
    Great pics Bruce, some of them are a bit small though and difficult to see the detail.

    Talk with you soon mate.

    Colin (snapperrr)
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