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  • Hi Jon, I have tried sending you an email on the address you gave me but it pinged back at me saying no such address. I have checked for correct spelling too. Can you please forward it on again. Regards Mouse3747

    You have probably received an email from me, Im the other Jon Hill who has had umpteen calls and emails from people asking for money. In my email I am pretty pissed off as you can understand, and I am absolutely threaders with people ringing me up and giving me a hard time down the phone.
    You seem to have quite a few people on here singing your praises, I dont know you and with the greatest respect i dont want to, but Im just giving you a friendly warning, I do not want to receive any more phone calls or emails from people giving me shit!!

    I am in the industry and again with the greatest respect I have no intention in my very good name being tarnished. I have already taken steps to make sure this does not happen, and I would appreciate it if you speak to the blokes who were on your team in Saudi that are owed lots of money according to them and tell them to give you the details of the people they have received my details from?

    I have also heard from conatcts of mine that you served in the old bill, weel i did also so from one copper to another can you please sort out your crew in whichever way you see fit,.
    For your final info i am continuing to take measures to mend any damage caused by all this rubbish. I am sorry about the tone of this and the last email but as you understand i will not allow this to go any further.


    Hi Jon,

    Tried to check the list of courses for 2009 on the web site you passed on but it took me to CPW forum posting with your name.
    Could you PM me some dates for the Peds and Familiarisan courses please.

    All the best.
    Hi John, Thanks for the call my email address is jmcgovern121@yahoo.co.uk really looking forward to the course on 10th January .

    Regards James
    Hi Praetorian550. I have been heaing good things about you and that you are always on the look out for female CPO's? If this is correct would it be possible to forward my cv? Hope you dont mind the intrusion, us females have to be a little more forward sometimes :-) Thanks Karen
    Hi, i have been given your details for some info, hope you dont mind. I have recently passed a Close protection course and currently looking for work. It seems that everyone is after people with experience in CP. I have served 8 years in the Army and have done 2 tours of Iraq. Your help would be much appreciated. Regards Kelly
    hi am new to this site and have been advised that you ate yhe man to talk too about cp/drivers work abroad/uk. would be really grateful for any advice on courses needed or any other information. cheers gary
    hi 550 glad to be of use last sunday, if you need any help in future do not hesitate to call,cheers mate.
    Hi Praetorian550 (John)
    Was not at the form function on Saturday (work). I am interested in a driving course. Been on the internet but can not find anything suitable. They want to take me on the motorway and teach me how to use my rear view mirrors, No thank you! Can you give me more info on your driving courses please.
    Tanking you in advance
    Tank (Dana)
    Hi John,

    Good to meet you on Saturday. Could you please PM me details and a email address of what we discussed on Saturday.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Great to meet you Saturday, would have enjoyed a better chat without interuptions, My friend as has asked me about adv driver training courses that he may if he gets the right company repeat that coure 4 to 5 times pe year?
    if you can PM quotes i would be extremely gratefull.

    I do hope that we can meet soon either socialy or business

    regards Brummie

    Thought we were meeting for lunch Tuesday? I can take rejection ....... (not well and it usually involves violence)

    Lynne lj@elle-security.com 0780 1066315
    Although I didnt win, I wanted to thank you for your donations to the prize fund at saturdays event. Very generous!
    Hi John,
    I was the lucky guy to win the cp course in the raffle. Am really looking forward to it and very glad to be given this opportunity.


    Gidday Mate

    I havnt been around for the last 4 weeks as my Mum dided and Ive been back in New Zealand on compassionate leave. Head back to work this week and will return to the Project as the PM.

    Take it easy
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