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    CP jobs - Spanish speaking Req

    free forum Ok, an appology, I don't think so, i'm sure that there are people that do agree with my statements. You might not like what i have to say, but it is my opinion and in a free forum that any tom, dick or harry can join i think you have to expect some critisism. This has been covered...
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    CP jobs - Spanish speaking Req

    Seriously, how some of you can call yourselves professional bodyguards when you don't read the information presented to you astounds me, Read the posts, the first post said it was on jobs oracle. The last post persisted in the life story after someone had stated that the position had been...
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    CP Badge renewals

    Ok, I know its a long way off, but come less than a year away the first batch of SIA CP badge holders will be looking at requiring their Licences renewed. I've been looking on other forums and it appears that the DS fraternity are having major issues with the renewal of their badges in the...
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    Job - Char Wallah

    Road hog, you're in, get your arse over to Nice, we'll pick you up. lol
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    Looking for work

    wonder if mwest@eodt.com has received 500 cv's today?
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    Job - Char Wallah

    2 x Char/Punkah Wallah's required to do menial tasks around the SOC on a current job running in France. Must be totally over qualified and hold his/her SIA licence Ideally with be ex Burmese SF but will accept any Tom, Dick or Harry as long as you bring Tetley bags with you. Milk and sugar...
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    Job - Range Manager - Wiltshire

    Hi guys 4exmil are currently recruiting for the position of a Range Manager in Wiltshire. I've just spoken to JC at 4exmil and he said it was ok to post here. 30k a year, company car visit Ex-Mil Recruitment ex military forces army navy airforce resettlement marine jobs iraq for...
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    Close Protection Course - UK & France SIA Compliant

    its not a split course mate, the courses are run at different locations at different dates The copy and paste appears to have squashed it together. The reason there is the option for France is there is a different scope and also the opportunity to do an introduction to firearms as an...
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    Close Protection Course - UK & France SIA Compliant

    Hello All Project 4 working together with Trisec Security and RST Security are now able to offer "A global Opportunity in Close Protection." Edexel Level III award in Close Protection Operations Fire Arms & Control & Restraint UK and European Exclusive Centres International Careers Worldclass...
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    Advanced Driving and Firearms courses

    Likewise, would like to echo jonboys comments, bit thumbs up to Bespoke and to Mark.
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    Operatives Required

    By the same token though, do you not send your cv's to company's regulary for the odd chance of a position? Miss it miss out in my book but then again you don't need to put all and sundry of your life on your cv The early bird catches the worm and all that
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    Legal without the SIA ?

    I'm actucally a police officer on protection duties and this is Gordon Brown. We've just come fresh from the sand of bournemouth beach
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    CP Industry without the SIA

    It all depends on what circles you mix in. We are all on the "circuit" however we all have our own smaller circuits. Ex sf recruit from their old muckers, marines with marines, para's with para's etc. Over the past 18 months since coming back from the pit i've worked on a fair few short and...
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    whats your favorite type of key and lock?

    jsider, this is a serious topic and i feel that it could become as important and prolific as what is your favorite sidearm? My front door key is made by chubb and is a 5 lever mortice lock. Take it seriously dude, and put the kettle on.
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