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    Hi Ed, I trust this email finds you well? as you can guess I've not been on for sometime, I got...

    Hi Ed, I trust this email finds you well? as you can guess I've not been on for sometime, I got fed up with all the walts and jerks plus had too much work and could not find an internet connection or the time. I'm just catching up with contacts and see what's happening in the world? I relocated...
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    Old MSO Assessment

    Many providing views on this thread have no doubt undertaken transits and over the years the goal posts have moved many times. Most ships binoculars are 7x50 and it is difficult to detect if a whaler or skiff has a ladder or weapons onboard at 1Nm or more and observation is paramount before the...
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    New Course Offers Qualifications In Anti-Piracy Techniques

    I realise the C&G is a accredited body but the new MSO certification has still not been approved by the MCA and has been specifically tailored to maritime security professionals. I am aware of the Manilla convention and what was proposed relating to security onboard vessels, so why is it that...
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    Not the POC

    Lets not focus solely on CPW I have had experiences this year on CTP when a job alert has been sent to me only to find that the employer closed the recruitment but did not inform CTP. P
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    Body armour

    Hi mate, I have worked on land and sea with companies who use EnGarde UK | About Us Good luck P
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    New Course Offers Qualifications In Anti-Piracy Techniques

    I was undecided which thread to post my views on and chose this one, having been in the industry for five years it feels like groundhog day once more with companies luring guys to undertake courses with little or no prospect of work at the end. The maritime circuit like the PSD circuit before is...
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    Seeking a fast ball

    To clarify I am the member seeking the work so please read the thread thoroughly. P
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    Seeking a fast ball

    Presently residing in Spain and seeking some short term work for the next few weeks, RST, Super Yachts, or just looking after some empty villa. CV supplied upon request Cheers P
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    Seeking a fast ball

    Experienced Team Leader with four years maritime experience seeking a fast ball or short term contract for next few weeks can deploy at short notice. Location Spain, CV upon request.
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    Twenty Committee Risk Management

    Moose Old sport so good to hear from you!! I thought this may get you attention, if you read my post everything stated is alleged and I never for an instant wanted any bad blood between us. You know or should have known that I did have respect for you but cutting off comms like you did and not...
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    Twenty Committee Risk Management

    Phew!!!! I feel vindicated posting the thread this fraudster or conman as that's what he his and very confident.
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    Twenty Committee Risk Management

    The story begins in 2012 when I was approached to work as TL for a Company located in Helsinki by a person whom allegedly has dual nationality, UK & Finnish. The transit was a success and as I was contracted to another company I moved onto my next contract, from June 2012 I was approached with...
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    Tribute to a Soldier

    Bruce Anderson a personal friend has been proud to sing a soldiers requiem. Bruce Anderson REQUIEM FOR A SOLDIER a soldiers tribute - YouTube A very moving and poignant song. Enjoy
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    Bootnecks only rant!

    I have being raising this point since joining CPW, some may say sour grapes but I have worked with quite a few booties and I am confident the vast majority are mature, possess common sense and can think for themselves. I may just have been unlucky but I have had the unfortunate experience of...
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