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  • Hi Steve, Hope you dont mind me asking do you have an email address as I cant pm. I am looking for some advice in working in the maratime security world, I am still serving in the marines but due outside towards the end of the year. Thanks mate, dizzy
    Hi there,
    Thanks for the info.

    Do you have any experience in this area. Do you know if the quals i have will see me gain employment within the industry?


    have just left the military and am looking for work i live in thailand and was would like to no if you have any contacts who i could send my cv to in asia..........

    all the best

    MR EJ HARRIS(harris0605@live.co.uk)
    Hello Mate

    Thought i would show a bit of courtesy and say hello. I saw your details on a couple of threads that i was checking out in relation to Asia Pacific region. I am heading back to HK shortly to live again (got my residency card). Currently working back in Iraq but as i am moving back to HK am considering a switch back over to working Asia (previously worked for HK based company as CP Manager) and either took part in or handled jobs in China, HK, (and Maccau) Thai, Sing and Phill.
    So hello there and hope business is well. I saw on your profile details the SSO / PFSO quals and the fact that you are ex RM. I read an article today about a spike in piracy this year in South China Sea. Is this right?

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