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    Specialist Security Management

    Pretty much picked it up as I went along too, but agree any course should start with security risk management 101, and a degree of physical security. Then you have all your bolt on's depending on what type of industry you are in. For me I have people all over the place so travel risk management...
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    НАСТ-Крым. Тактико-Специальная Подготовка телохранителя.

    I like his safari suit at the end, anyone know where I can get one?
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    Тренировка телохранителей

    I love the get away car, true classic.
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    New Look CPW

    That's just age, I've adjusted the font to 6 foot, works a treat.
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    You asked for my advice, I gave it to you. 3 days after new year is a little early to be naming and shaming people IMHO. But each to their own. 28 days is normal for payment.
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    First Ever Shift - Got Shafted

    Its the 4th of Jan, chill out. Dont think you should have mentioned the guy's name at this stage, nothing is really wrong, could be classed as bad form.
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    Looking for career advice.

    At 2,959 euros a month you would be carrying on your voluntary work.......
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    UK Close Protection Services Ltd.

    Where's 'Colonel' when you need him?
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    What are my chances of getting a job?

    Not saying that, in a saturated market where prices have been driven down I think you have more opportunity in management. There are lots of very experienced/qualified unemployed guys out there at the moment.
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    What are my chances of getting a job?

    First impressions on how you describe yourself- leave the gun slinging courses alone and go get a degree in security risk management, far more work, better paid, more chance of permanent employment.
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    New Look CPW

    I may be mistaken, but I cant find an edit button for correcting posts
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    PSD Over 50's Activity Club

    Good on you Carl, I am just a sprog will qualify for the youth section this year by reaching to big '5 O', but those photos are certainly inspiring. Good luck!
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    New Look CPW

    I click on 'new posts' a few times a week
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    Novichok GRU agents

    Colonel Mustard in the study with the perfume bottle..
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    Iraq "certificate of non-criminal conviction" (police check)

    I'm no expert, but would have thought references from your employer(s) whilst in Iraq would suffice.
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