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  • cheers mucca..still serving atm out in theatre as we speak but wheres the job advertised so i can get eyes on?
    HI Mate

    I was sniper to many years ago check out the triple canopy job being advertised they are looking for medics and snipers.

    Good luck

    Hello pwrrsniper,
    Work for a sinper in cp would be odd, because cp work is up close to you and any client you may be protecting,
    Much better to have good first aid training and any hand to hand..that would save the day! along with good Driving, if some one came at you or your client...a sinper shot is not what you would need! perhaps pistol Combat for up close,
    How ever the more you have the better, if some one hit you and your client...then come back with that Teqhnique to get even and pay back! but that all would go well on your portfolio as well!
    All the best!
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