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  • I'd never work the doors for less than a tenner and I advise others to be of a similar mindset. Thanks for your help.
    Thanks for that. Out of interest, is getting 6-7 nights work a week realistic in London? Do you have a day job, too?
    Hello Pyrene, just wondering if you could give me the low-down on Philip Security please. Rates and possible hours available? I've taken on board what you said about quality but I'm from up North, considering moving down South and looking for work. Thanks.
    Hi there, Just for future reference if you need any tracing work I am based in the North West if this is any help to you. Regards Amanda.07929249242
    Hi there Pyrene. Thanks in advance for your time. Just going to add a little more info from my previous thread ‘’Best and Cheap SIA training’’ to see if you can give me some good pointers…so I’ve been working as a security guard here in Portugal for almost 9 years now. Despite my good services the boss never did like me because I am a college graduate and my company sure likes to use The Dilbert principle – meaning no chance for promotion. I ended up stuck in a meth clinic working with bloody junkies and I nearly got killed earlier this year which prompted me to move out - I would like to work in the Stamford / Peterborough area. I have an acquaintance in Bath that would let me stay in for a few days to do the training. Any chance there are some good and not so expensive SIA training companies in Bath or maybe Bristol? I wouldn’t mind doing it in London either, that was my original plan actually. Thanks again. Cheers!
    Hi, I noticed that your looking to trace a couple of subjects, if you still require this, then I am happy to help, I have already done a few cases for a couple of members on this site one of which is still on going.
    Send us an email.
    Black Hawk Investigations
    Home -
    I am interested in working the student event in london you have advertised. I am CP trained and hold a DS SIA licence and currently working as a DS for phoenix security uk. If you could get back to me with an email address I will send you a copy of my CV. I hope to hear back from you soon.
    FEMA concentration camps? Is nobody aware of this?

    Georgia Guidestones? The plans of the USA to enact martial law and round everyone up and throw them into concentration camps?
    Why would I post here again, exactly.

    Why doesn't everybody WAKE THE HELL UP?! And realize what's going on.
    I didn't ask for there to be concentration camps (FEMA) all over the USA.

    Hello how are you sorry I am unable to pm you at the minute I would like to know more about the charuty even in SE London if you would be able to pm me your email I could ask a couple of questions and also to make sure you would also be happy with having me on your team

    hi there I noticed you were in Twickenham too. Just got my licence and looking for work in the area ! Any ideas ? Cheers Matt
    7 day week? Great , at least i`m not the only one working his fingers to the bone!! You may have to draw the line at getting the newbies to call you Sir though....! :cool:
    Not been around much mate , doing 70 hrs last few weeks so not much time for anything else! Sounds like your busy as well , all good ! :)
    In the US there are four levels for emergency services personnel. First Responder, EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and Paramedic. There are not too many places that offer the intermediate certification because the requirements are very close to what is required for a paramedic. Most people will work as an EMT-B for a while to gain some experience and then take a paramedic course. I have thought about a paramedic course but not sure its for me.
    Sticking to what I know is exactly what I was thinking. I have not had time yet to look at the BSI and see what qualifies and what does not. I emailed a company that offers courses for ambulance and first responder training to see if they might know. From the course descriptions that they have on their site it appears that I have had a lot of the same training. The EMT-Basic course covers a lot of the same things.
    Thank you. I will keep your offer in mind. I am married with 2 children and my wife would really like to go to Italy. So far the UK, England and Scotland seem to have the most to offer for jobs that I am interested in. If you know of any good companies in Italy let me know. I am a firefighter/EMT but looking to move to the security industry. Great information and thanks.

    Thanks again, much appreciated. I figured I was screwed. I will contact them and see what answers I get. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

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