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  • Pyrene,

    Thanks for the advice. Not what I wanted to hear but I thank you for the straight forward honest advice. I feel that this industry and CP in particular is what I want to do with my life. I maybe a bit nuts for trying but I really need to give it a go. Life is about chasing down your dreams and making them a reality.
    Do you know if a US EMT-Basic certification will qualify as an equivalent to medical and ambulance certifications in the UK? I have looked a little bit at what the qualifications are over there but not very deeply yet. Do you know of anyone who may have an answer to that question? I will just have to take what I can for now. You may have read in my information that I am looking at moving to Europe, so I may have to take a less desirable job to make it happen. Again, thank you for the response and can you tell me how to look at my visitor posts? Once I looked at what you had posted I could not find it anymore.

    All the best,
    Hi if you need anyone to teach the medical side of thing for your company pm me hope it all goes well with the company
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