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Recent content by Pyrene

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    tips on keeping cool

    which is fair enough. Different areas, different risks. London is rife with knives sadly. I don't have a problem with people wearing armour, i have a problem with the wrong armour. No need for bullet in london, but is for knife. My armour has been used more to stop an elbow...whilst...
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    Alright bud, if you want some door advice/body armour advice drop me a PM.

    Alright bud, if you want some door advice/body armour advice drop me a PM.
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    Guess whose back!

    haha yes i forgot all about that!! drag a few others along..! anyone game?
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    Guess whose back!

    need some proper rookie new blood that needs beating down with a stick. couple of years ago there was a massive boom for security workers. and this place was buzzing, now its kinda gone and this place is dead. Oh well..
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    New Boots

    I agree, they have gone down. However you can pick up a pair of magnums of £50, and they are better than an £80 nameless brand (fair to say) and HAIX are great, however you are talking money. Cheapest pair of HAIX boots from their site are £124 - if your a self employed security guard...
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    New Boots

    Feet are your most important part of your body whilst patrolling. In the summer months you can get athletes foot easy. Winter months your feet freeze. During the rain your feet could get soaked. Do a lot of walking and you can easily get blisters. So I believe they are worth looking after...
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    Guess whose back!

    cheers mate :) why are the only new posts introduction messages, where has all the bickering and dick swinging gone?
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    Guess whose back!

    i never really got many replies anyway ;) good to see your still on here, I sent you a little message on the book of faces regarding that microwave incident I told you about...you won't believe the outcome
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    Guess whose back!

    Well hello you grubby lot. Some of you may remember me from a couple of years back, well I've finally decided to return to this place and disperse my wisdom on all those who don't know better. Hello to you oldies still knocking around, And Hi to the new-er folk who I've still yet to...
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    Motorway Average Speed Camera's (Road Works)

    I recently went past a yellow-box-by-side-of-road-with-horns at a bit too fast, so did some research around speed cameras, find out possible defences. Speed cameras must have signage (we have all seen the speed camera sign, however if its not in a certain distance, then the cameras data is...
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    Always impressed

    well whatever it am impressed by all dog handlers out there. My dog is a night mare to train. and no OJ its not mate, they wouldn't let me into dog section, motorbike maybe ;)
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    For the DS people

    old old news. ds has had license removed no complainant has come forward
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    Always impressed

    I know some of your teach dogs, handle dogs, and such like. But for me, I am still always impressed by the control and understanding of the animals. come across this stream of videos which a dog has been trained to protect a child, very impressive (i think anyway) just thought Id share them...
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    how to deal with gypsies fighting in the club?

    When I used to be involved in training, this was the scene every single course. You would be lucky to find 2 who could be door staff. Back to the subject of gypsies, I had to do a gypsie eviction the other week. Came over the radio that a bunch had set up camp on property, so I was...
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    Hospital security

    organise a non official meet up then, so nice bar/pub could work. Bunch of us, not a CPW meet (as we would need a conference hall) just a small social.
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