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  • Sorry mate been realy busy, I dont know who you are or what you habeen doing for work previously but.....
    I do CP in Basra, have been doing it for over 4 years.
    I dont know where you are, previous experience, courses you have done or medical background?
    You have sent me a very generic question! I will always help others but you are being a bit vague to say the least lol


    I did 22 yrs Royal Irish and have been in maritime nearly 3 yrs, so the answer is no you dont need to have a Naval background.
    How is Alan Sommerville and John Millar doing, served with both of them for a long time?

    Ed Freely joined the same time as me in 1984 in the second Battalion, hell of a nice guy, Take are and enjoy it.
    We are not recruiting mate, try googling the other companies in NI you may have some luck. Things are 'dead' at the moment.
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