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  • Alright mate.. Yeah thanks for the info but no I dont think I want to meet up and do the things you suggested.. Im straight.. good look with getting someone to do that though.. your a sick man !!
    Hi Richie,
    thank's for your message.
    So you are always home until the 1st October, take it easy, take advantage of your family.

    Myself, I'm still waiting the f......g military plane who have to bring us to GABON but the dates changing all times so the last date, 1st november, was given this morning, hope that's the good one.

    I wish you good luck buddy and write when you be back in KABOUL.
    Stay safe and take care, legionary friendship
    Hi Richie,
    nice to hear from you, I hope you be well and safe. No probleme for the late reply, the job is the job.

    I see, you are still waiting for your deployement in Iraq. Myself, I'm looking forward for SSO and CSO training course for my reconversion in MARSEC after my time in the Legion. Yes, sometimes the time is long here in the south of France but I received good news today, so I go to IVORY-COSTE or GABON at the end of october for 4 month's, buddy, I'm really happy to leave the Regiment for some time. Also the job is well, I have to be a instructeur for the counter-IED for the guys who goes to Somalia later.

    I wish you good luck for your deployement, be careful, stay safe and write when you be in Iraq.

    Hi there Richie,
    I'm new on this forum and also interested in working in the CP world.I would apreciate some advices regarding courses or trainings that I can do ,in order to find a future job opportunity.
    Al the best
    Sorry Mate...! That Jo Stewart is the HR woman at Black Pearl - her alias is Mrs Sparrow...
    Hi Richie,
    how are you, I hope you be well, so what's new?

    I wish you a nice and sunny week.
    Hi Richigray,
    how are you, I hope you be well and safe. Where you be now, in Iraq or home? Tomorrow, I go to Austria for three weeks holliday, that's fine, I haven't seen my family since one year ago.

    Okay, get a nice time and, so when you has the time, write.

    Stay safe and take care,
    Hi Richiegray,
    many thank's to have accepted my friends-request. I hope that all happens well for you and you can go soon to Iraq. Please, when it's possible, send me a message from time to time, I'm very interested to know what happen in Iraq now.

    I wish you all the best stay safe and take care,
    Hello Richie,
    how are you, I hope you be well and safe. Many thank's for your pesponse, I'm very glad. Concerning my last message, sorry, this is a misunderstanding, I'm always under contract with the legion with which I have a little bit more than one year until my retirement of the legion, the November 20, 2012.
    I understand, you have to wait again for your job in Iraq, plans are changing all times.
    Yes that's right, the familiy is importent...also the missis (especially the missis!) but looking forward for a good job is also importent.

    I wish you a nice and sunny weekend, if you allowed we can stay in contact,

    Stay safe, take care,
    Hi Richiegray,
    I seen you have consulte my profil. I am a newcomer on CPW, so if you allowed I like to stay in contact with you, I consult your profil also, you sound very experienced.
    I am a non-commissioned officer of the French Foreign Legion again in activity for one year, I already did 21 years of service, essentially in combat-regiments so I leave in November 20, 2012. I am very interested by the missions of struggle against the maritime piracy and also the protection of sensitive sites and convoys.

    Get a nice and sunny week, hope to hear about you,
    Hi Richie,
    All is well thanks mate,I am still in Florence at the moment,I go to Romania for vacantion time, in August,and I am coming back in September.When I am coming back I am going to do the Phoenix Course.I hope to have a chance to a contract aftherwards.
    Hope all is well on your and.
    Hi richie i am living in hoofddorp next to the airport,give us a ring on 0646255839,and we can arrange a night out

    Hi, Richiegray,I am Mochy 45Years old(ex soldier,ex policeman,ex secret service),and I am holder of a Intl.Close protection officer certificate.I live in Firenze and I am interested in working in the
    WorldWide Protective Service(Hostile Environment Protection Teams).So when you are a good option for me ,please contact me.(sorin.mocanu@libero.it)
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