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  • Roberto,
    hope you are well.
    Do you know of any companies that might ne interested to offer me employment.
    I am 39 years old South African male with 21 years nilitary and law enforcment experience.
    Any advise will be appreciated
    It's Dobar dan my friend. My CV is already with Hart security but they don't have any new contracts since a long time ago. Permanent people are employed at existing contracts. Thanks for the info anyway...
    Good day Roberto,
    thanks for your message.Is there any contact details/email address/web site of that SA company in Mexiko?
    Thank you very much
    hello roberto i have all ready sent my details to agis, but do you know when their will start recruit? thank you
    i am Okirima David from Kampala east Africa.
    with 600 number of security guards.............
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