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  • can you point me to any shops selling MOLLE gear in London? I need resupply before going back over after Christmas. Thanks.
    Hi mate.Just read your post about jobs in Iraq. Was on TELIC13 then 12 weeks later on HERRICK11/12! Came back end of May.Was with CORTEZ Troop doing surveillance. Would like to know if the job is still going. E-mail steve-h-54@live.co.uk .15 yrs in the regulars,last 4 with TA.Hope I'm of some use. Cheers mate
    Hi, If the position is still open I have all that is needed. My e-mail is spr-jones0343@hotmail.co.uk
    Well more Military then Plod lol, but thanks seems a good networking site and full of guys with good CP knowledge

    hello mate i have done 9yrs in british infantry in n.ireland ive done cp course with longmoor and im go to go asap you can get me by pm then i can give you more info mate cheers.
    Hello mate liked your humour in one of your replies to a disgruntled guy called Romano lol EX FORCES myself 22 years Infantry looking at getting through this very narrow door in the industry but have been told keep trying there is work out there all the best Rick
    hi dodger my name is jose and i just finished my hostile cp cource with longmoor i'm a ex para from portugal and looking for employment at the minute you can get me at killasmarito@hotmail.co.uk thanks buddy
    Hi There
    We are two South African Police officers with 16 and 20 years service.
    Well trained and desprate to get foot into HE.
    Can you provide e-mail adres so I can forward CV.
    Already have passports and SAP clearance.
    Ready to go tomorrow.
    JP Pozyn
    WL Smith
    Good Afternoon,

    Im looking to move into HE work. I served in the marines for 7 years and hold sc clearence. I am available immediatley.

    If you still have the position i would be interested in finding out more.

    Hi RD, Got in touch with the MOD and unfortunately my secuirty clearence has expired, they then went on to say there was no way of actually getting by myself, because you need a sponser, really stupid system. There is no way around this with the job you offered?

    Hi Rocket dodger reff the stactic guard job in Iraq iam good to go with all that is needed. Any info you could pass on to applay for the position I would be greatful

    Couldn't send you a PM on the job posting so here is my email: jimmysichanh@yahoo.com. Thanks.
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