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  • Hi Ron, Quick question, myself EX Bootneck and a good oppo Ex 3 Para are looking to get work in the mersec world both have SSO STCW95 Discharge book & card Yellow fever etc etc. any Ideas on the company's recruitingwe are both 50 so not a spogs by any means.
    Rearrank/ Ginge
    Hi Ronald,
    Just wondering if you knew of any Maritime companies who would posssibly give me a start, getting pretty desperate now,
    Cheers mate
    Hi Ronald, I'm currently working as a PSD in Iraq but maybe looking for a career change soon could you let me know what courses would be the best to go for.

    Many Thanks
    Hi ron I cannot send you a PM please give me your Business email Address and i will send you an email I am really in need of companies that are engage in leasing weapons for our Maritime Security Officers.

    Thanks and awaits your response
    Hi Ron
    I have erased you email address do you have whatsApp or Viber and Skype send me on my email address
    leonstark@live.com What you are training?
    Hi Ron
    I have lost your email address. How and where are you? Maybe you start work for pirates hehehehehe.When I finished working for MinRisk on maritime I stack on the ground because must companies asking for ex-British.

    Hi warum has du ein certificate in deutcher sicherheits deinst. drop me a line buddy I am in manchester and maybe we can do some networking!
    Please can remove your last post. I am the MD of CSM and that particular job was posted over a month ago. We are now being inundated daily with 50+ CV's unnecessarily. We post our job adverts on the particular sites we want and would ask in future if you could please refrain from copying our job adverts.

    CSM Services
    Hi Ronald
    Hope you dont mind me adding you as a friend, I'm quite new on here and dont really know what im doing yet. Hope your well anyway.
    Hi Ronald
    I recommend

    Monika Zellner
    Human Resources

    Result Group GmbH
    Global Risk and Crisis Management
    Luise-Ullrich-Str. 8
    D-82031 Grünwald b. München
    Ph.: + 49 (0) 89-69 77 86 - 0
    Fax: + 49 (0) 89-69 77 86 - 19

    E-Mail: zellner@result-group.com
    Internet: www.result-group.com
    Hello mate, ive heard through the grapevine :) that you have completed the RST CP course. What are your views on the course? pro's/con's etc. Im doing abit of research before obviously putting my name down for this course.
    So any heads up would help
    very welcome.and good luck.
    ps use all the freebies,like first aid,cctv,close combat.you never know what is needed in future.
    Hi Ronald,

    I am currently residing in the London region. RST is right on my doorstep which is damn handy.

    I'll keep eyes on in your direction fella, greatly appreciated!
    Thank You.
    hi ravo
    i put down as a frend so we can keep the networking options open,
    depends which region you are from,there might be a bit of work coming my way for 2010.so heads mate
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