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  • Good Afternoon, in response to the female aviation officer, I would like to put myself forward


    Good morning,

    In response to your recent vacant post.

    I hold FdSc Paramedic Science, ALS, ILS, PILS, BATLS, CMT1, Operator Medic. Hostile and remote experience.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Hi, I am new on the forum and having difficulty sending a pm, I am a qualified CMT with 24 yrs experience in primary care and trauma, due out of the forces very soon and interested in the tier 2 medic job my CV available on request . Email is dazhardy1@hotmail.com
    Good day,
    I am a South African ILS Medic with experience in the Middle East, Africa as well as Hostile Enviroments
    I have training from South Africa,USA, and ERC,AHA,
    I am current in BLS, ACLS, ITLS
    good mornimg
    Im just new to this ect , i have been a paramedic in Queensland AUSTRALIA for 24 years and have served overseas contracted to the Australian Defence force in East Timor as a flight paramedic on the black hawks ect and am in the army reserves as a combat paramedic and have 1 year in that role . if there are positions i might be able to help with please feel free to contact me and i will get back to you asap
    Thanks for your time , email goaty@y7mail.com
    good evening, seen your advert. when are the positions open? tobyosborne@hotmail.com
    Good afternoon,
    I have seen your advert for Tier 2 medics and I believe I would be a very good candidate. However as I am a new on here I cant PM you my CV, therefore my email address is djw841@gmail.com I look forward to hearing off you,
    Many thanks and regards
    Good afternoon

    My name is John and I am currently looking for employment opportunities as a Tier 2 Medic.
    i have all the requirements listed on your recent post and I would like to send you my CV.

    My email address is johngmoran@aol.co.uk

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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