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  • Hi Saward, I too used to work at your company, I have some information that might help you following your latest post, do you have an email address that I can contact you on?
    Thanks Shep
    Tom, (SOFSBS)
    Thank you for your 'mature' message.
    You have posted twice on the Forum yet disregarded any advice that members were trying to help you with.
    Pity you did not respond to my e-mail.
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    Hello Ian, it´s been too long since last time, I am truly sorry I haven't been in touch.
    How are you doing and where are you these days?

    You have a full inbox.
    thanks for mentioning us in this. But can i ask you to remove the post, please? it is being re-written and both our and Hiscox PR people are issuing a new press release next week. Once again, many thanks for your support.
    Like you being curious.
    Should we meet in Bossaso I will stand you a 'Chi Somali'.Take it the old 'chinese' boat is working then!
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