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  • cheers mate i was just asking if anyone had any tips for any extras to take on the course anyways many thanks buddy
    looking at calendar actually, if I'm not there on the 2nd I will be the week after (might be going home for a family birthday...) Got a mate of mine who might tag along as well :) The website mentions insurance, how much does this cost roughly?
    your inbox is full mate!

    ill won't come along this saturday, got some silly date thing with the girlfriend

    however next weekend ill come along :)
    hi, just wanting to know if you have heard anything about clearwater, im thinking of doing there cp course, but looking at a few comments if seems its not a favourite for some people, i just noticed your comment and thought i would get your view.
    cheers for any info
    Ref the walt outing ask him where do you start the 30 miler from(oakampton camp) ask how far is the load carry(12 mile) ask how long is training(32 weeks) What is the burger van on camp called(dutchies) hope that helps, reply for more if required. ex RM recruit instructor
    Oh you are so bright! Well frankly you're an idiot who say something because you don't have anything else to do! You don't know me, and will never have that honor to say something about me. You're a sour soul who wish you could achieve something but instead, you sit in front of your computer, writing stuff about others to make yourself feel great! What a sad sad soul.
    "I've seen her name & something she posted about Threat & Risk assessment; that email may be genuine but I can assure you her knowledge of threat & risk is sorely lacking!"

    Oh really? Why don't you share this so called post I made??? As I'm sure you are talking about someone else and abusing my name!
    hi Scrab?,
    hope life is fine.
    could u know any company that need psd dudes?
    if so, pls send me some contacts

    may the lord bless U.
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