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  • Hi scott ...New to this site and obviously not meant to be on here ...would like to chat further regarding D/H Inbox only please
    Hi Scott81
    I’m lee from S A, I’m deciding on doing a career change into cp work.
    I see u did the ronin sa 5week cp course.
    Have u any advice for me please???
    I have heard all good about and will do it, The only hassle or problem will be finding work afterwards for me, Did you manage to get some decent contract work after the course ???
    Will this be a good company to go with as regards to the qualifications and getting a decent job offer overseas?
    Thank you

    This is Muzz. The account is up and running, got your message so we will link up. Talk to you about work in person. later.
    I am not currently on a longmoor course sorry, i have kept putting it off due to my current situation.

    Sorry I can't be of greater help
    Hi Tim,

    They don't have security shows for that, but if you keep an eye on here you will find out about networking meetings at various places around the UK for members of CPW. The easiest way is to watch for them and then contact the person who has posted the thread via PM and ask them about it and get an invite. You will usually find quite a few happening each year as well as a main meeting each year in London.

    Its well worth the effort to have a look through past threads to find some.
    I hope this helps

    Hi Tim,

    I started just by networking as hard as I could and going from there. Getting qualified by a good reputable company does help but it all comes back to networking. Use the search bar at the top of the screen as there is a lot of information and knowledgable people on this forum who can help you with very good advice.

    Oddjob and Selous to name but a few.
    Good luck my friend in your future and if you need some more advice please ask.


    Lee (Caliban)
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