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  • Hi I was reading a post were I saw your name regarding Ronin sa. I am deciding to make a career change and go into the world of close protection. Did you do the training and then find work??? or were you in the industry before you attended. Does the qualifications you get from Ronin help allot???
    Thank you
    Hi mate.
    I saw your post. I am a HPC paramedic , on zero hours with scottish ambulance service. I live in Edinburgh. Im a CP Medic at moment in Libya with Control Risks. Im looking for private work when I come home in couple of weeks. You said you have worked a lot with private ambulances. Is there any work in Scotland mate? Most I can find is Event and ERS and they tend to be down south. Let me know if you can mate
    Hi Jon

    So far as I'm aware nobody has been rejected by the HPC thus far. Best of luck in whatever you decide.


    Cheers for that reply. Already got my IHCD technicians so would be interested in doing this. I'll have a look more into it then - was just worried as I'd heard that some people weren't able to get the HPC registration.



    Just seen you posted that you had recently completed the Ronin Paramedic course. If you don't mind I have a few questions:
    How much was it in total? (the course, flights & accom)
    How long did it take?
    Was it easy to start the registration with the HPC?

    Hi there..
    Sorry to disturbed you.. But I desperately want to do the Ronin medic course in South Africa.. I have tried e-mailing them, but no reply.. -So I was hoping you might know how to get in contact with them?
    Best regards Bettina
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