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  • It's been a while. Good to catch up with some of the posts. Sorry if I've missed any messages. SITREP: Now semi retired and for the first time in 12 years I have some time to myself. Best wished to all the members and the great Admin team, missed you all. I think I was one of the first 500 members. Wow, amazing how CPW has grown.
    not last time i looked hahahah how awfully rude indeed i'm a married woman haha, emptied my 'box'
    hi mate, sorry to message you but I'm having trouble getting a hold of stew security as stew owes me money for a job I done for him and was meant to pay me today. now he won't answer his mobile or office number. I see you have also had problems with this matter in the past. do you know of any other numbers to contact him on?
    I am interested in your position have a door supervisor badge and I am police trained
    please feel free to email me sanmedia@gmail.com
    Kind Regards
    Selous I send you this message because Dodger told me to send you this message. I am a 39 year old South African with 21 year combined experience in Military and Police. I have experience in Crime detection/Field Training Officer/Hostage and suicide negotiator/Intel Collection. I am looking for new vetures in PSD/EP/Intel in ME/Africa. The problem I have is that I dont have prior HE experience and all I need ia an opportunity to gain experience. I would like to hear from you at your earliest convenience
    Hi Selous, didn't meet you at the networking event but noticed your post about it. You might know my father, Chris Rennick, he was Selous Scouts - as I'm guessing you where from your name!
    hi selous

    well the advice you gave me back in june 2010 is now starting to pay off .

    am now working for a company in Kabul ,on a static guard postion .

    the advice you gave me helped me get a good grounding before jumping into it head first .

    thanks for the help when i needed the advice

    kind regards


    keep safe
    Howzit Selous

    Just a quick message to say I hope your keeping safe and hope your back soon

    When you have a chance, I would really like your advice and guidance on any hostile work and or recomandations to this ?!

    Gerard Lawson (mvurachena Farm)

    Go well
    Thanks for the Welcome!
    Do you know of any CASS graduates? Graduates from the Center for Advanced Security Studies? Other than Gabi who can shed more light on the program? I expect to attend there. I am former U.S. Military (Marines) etc... I'm looking to pick the brains of recent grads and want to hear other opinions outside the school.
    Selous, Im an ex-blue belter Rhodesia, looking for 3 operatives for CP work in Afg. trying to get Zimbabweans, not that easy as our era are a bit long in the tooth, anyone in mind?
    Hiya Mate,

    Hope U r well..
    Just a quick message to wish U a very Happy Birthday..
    Hope U have a truly fab day..

    All the Best,
    Stay Safe,

    cluster fu*k been a while since I heard that selous... mate are you with our Facebook Group HALO/HAHO..? Login | Facebook

    Pretty hot C.V. mate, you got any advice for me for getting started? Got a lot of lads working out in Iraq a few with Aegis but not sure if I should apply just yet....Waiting on a CP course.
    hello m8.
    am just gettin into the game got my cp course comin up on the 26th next month.
    am ex forces serving 9 years with the royal green jackets.
    just lookin 4 tips on what to do m8. an help u could give would be helpfull .
    Hello mate,
    thanks for your instant response please send full cv to protectit@supanet.com if you havent done already please bear with me as i am trying to do several things at once.Will be in touch soon
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