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    Client Charges

    Its kind of like asking how much does a car cost? So many variables to consider.
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    Anybody working in California ?

    If so this may be a good class to attend. It was referred by a friend who took this class last year and he says it was incredible. We shall see. Although I have many years of experience I am always up for new training. I signed up as well. Maybe Ill see one of you...
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    Guardian Executive protection school

    Wanted to share this link. I attended this course last year and was really impressed. Especially if you live in California this is worth attending. I found it to be one of the best and was happy to see it was actually affordable as well.
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    I'm officially a crim.

    It appears that this tax you speak of is our equivalent of registration. We pay yearly registration for our vehicles. It is just a Tax for roads and bridges ect.
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    I'm officially a crim.

    You Brit's really speak a whole other language. Whats a crim and whats a car tax?
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    West africa

    Anybody have recent experience in west Africa. Guinea / sierra leone ?
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    Advice about working in west africa

    I am looking for some information on working in West Africa. Sierra Leon and Guinea in particular. I was wondering if any of you gentlemen have had any recent experience in the region. If so I would appreciate any info you could help with. Please PM me.
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    Sense prevails in the Czech Republic

    I can not believe that anybody on this forum can say that a civilian in Europe does not need a firearm. All good law obeying citizens should have this right . Its unbelievable that the people of Europe are willing to allow such a pacifist mindset to take place. They must have forgotten WW2. I...
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    Sense prevails in the Czech Republic

    It is insane that most of Europe is always crying for human rights world wide, yet do not allow their own citizens to protect themselves against the evils in this world. The right of self protection is a human right that should not be violated.
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    Executive Protection, PSD, Bodyguard

    1. Employer Company Name Guardian Protection Force Inc 2. Company Website 3. Required Skills/qualifications Extensive Executive Protection Experience. 4. Job Description Executive Protection, PSD, Bodyguard, CLOSE PROTECTION SERVICES 5. Salary...
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    Agreed. For example if those videos were to display somebody changing their clothes it can be an easy felony.
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    Ethical question - can these guys post their cases on YouTube?

    I don't think bob-todd and jim-bob really care.These guys are a joke anyway. Most states have strict laws on confidentiality.
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    Need to locate someone please

    Are things different over there? In the U.S. this would not be an unusual request for a P.I. I receive them all the time? As for tracking the person from the phone.... yea not legal.
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    Who would you work for again?

    I would work for Guardian again. I found them to be the most professional. I worked a high end assignment for them for a couple of months however I moved to an area where they don't consistently operate. If I move back to California I will be sure to go back. Guardian Protection Force Inc., - Home
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    I am not sure what the laws are like in the U.K. on these matters however its pretty serious in the U.S. Could be a misdemeanor or felony depending upon circumstances.