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Recent content by shogunronin

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    Cordant Security?

    I would never join them. I seen a handful of shocking reviews on this company.
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    A question regarding the law

    Thank you very much for the feedback, Col. I was working in a shopping complex in central London at the time. He was someone we had caught previously shoplifting on multiple occasions. I'll admit I was slightly hurt from a few of your criticisms, although you generally want to help me get...
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    A question regarding the law

    Recently, I got into a bit of a situation with a known shoplifter. He is known for being aggressive and dangerous. He was banned from the site and he decided to try and gain entry whilst intoxicated (I had a black eye already from another innocent on the same day lol) As soon as I saw him...
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    Will sia let me get licence 3 assaults and 1 minor theft?

    In this job we can get into some very confrontational positions. In these scenarios, you have to make quick decisions. Some professionals have lost their licenses and jobs for making the wrong ones, both innocent and on purpose. It can be as simple as tackling a shoplifter to the floor which...
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    Extreme alertness in security

    On a more positive note, we managed to prevent a suicide attempt before christmas(with praise from the Police). We took down a large group of shoplifters and recovered a large amount of money for the retail stores. I feel that preventing that guy from hanging himself saved a lot of nightmares...
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    Extreme alertness in security

    I don't know.. I spent the last five years trying to improve and do better. Had to go back to the drawing board 1000s of times. Clawing my way to improvement, trying to stay 'hyper vigilent' for any impending terrorist attack on our centre. Walking around until my bones ache and went home in...
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    Training courses - what shall i do next? Willing to go anywhere in the world

    I have worked four years in security and every day I have scratched my way to getting better. What's helped is taking advice from experienced people and this is why I am here today. SIA level is bad and I have got my CCTV, First Aid courses, anti-terrorism courses, self defence and health...
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    Extreme alertness in security

    I have been doing security now for the past four years. In this time I have grinded and scratched my way to getting better. It's taken a long time to get to a certain skill level and I like to always go beyond the criteria. I wondered if anyone else has developed this weird side effect of...
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    General Advice

    I've thought long and hard about retail security and spoke to a lot of friends in the industry. We have all come up with the solution that if you want a good working environment, you need to make stops. If you're not making stops infront of the client, you will be micro-managed and this is where...
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    Can A security guard stop and search ur bags if?

    A security officer can ask to search your bags. However, I would of only done this if I was 100% that you had stolen something. This is bad customer service. Perhaps a manager approached the guards and said you had stolen something, the guards then decided to come in.
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    General Advice

    Most of the basic company retail package training courses are suited for security officers in the 1980's and most of their advice is redundant. Most of the managers in these top retail security companies are unskilled and pretend to have caught 2,000 shoplifters in 1 day. They also dish bad...
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    A shocking contract

    It's definitely a tough job. I've learnt you have to think outside the box to survive. It's usually the security systems which are at fault. Although the companies can easily blame the individual guards. Unfortunately at security officer level we have no say in the security system. Even...
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    A shocking contract

    I just been put into a new store to help out as they have a shrink problem. I am doing 12 hour shifts 5 days a week on the shop floor. This store is the biggest store I have ever worked at 'think of a megastore size' in London. Now upon entering the premises I find out that I am the only...
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    Leaked Document Shows How US Airport Security Assesses Terror Threat

    Thanks for this. I do not do aviation security but some of these pointers will help me adjust and make improvements to my work of security and recognising dodgy people.
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    Is height a factor on the doors?

    I haven't done door work before but I have worked in shopping malls and rough areas in retail. I am 6 foot 3 and size does not matter. You will be tested whether you are small or large. I have had large guys and shorter guys come up to me and try to wind me up. The job is all about your...
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