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  • Hello, I am do in March to Kandahr for Compass. I would appreciate any helpful information that you can provide. Just to authenicate my employment with Compass, my HR contact is Lisa.
    Silent thanks for your reply on my blog. I really appreciate it alot. All the best for the new year.

    just read your quip about 'Bard' mate...very funny and just so typical of you Matlows and Royals....quick witted....excellent
    hi m8 how you doin,its a tricky one let me get the weekend out of the way and i will drop u some info poss monday, hope thats ok stay safe Ram out
    hi...thanks for your message..right now I'm in chelmsford ...I'm still waiting for my SIA Licence , at thus stage Door Supervision in the hope to get enough funds together for CP course...my south east Asian visit was kinda one of..but an immensely rewarding and learning experience..I'm seeking work all the time but don't want to send my CV off without def on the SIA Licence..,,,pretty stuck right now!...how about you?
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