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  • There is no guarantee there will be tickets on the day.

    It is highly likely that we will exceed the fire safety limit.

    My advice is to geta ticket in advance.

    I am off course totally bias though! Lol

    Steve tried calling you

    Rob employment rate is what you make it fella do well on the course and push hard for work then see what comes up both the instructors are well known in the field and if they recommend you then that usually get you the foot in the door but remember it's down to how well you perform and if you can do the job in hand
    Hey, see some good feedback about Argus, whats the employment rate like afterwards? Did you find the course value for money?

    hi mate Laila, (fishy) suggested i get in touch with you, i am wanting info and to buy an elecrtonic bug, just going through divorce, ex has moved boyfriend into my house and i would like to find out what they are doing, can you help. my number is 07710 934832
    Silver how the devil

    Well, i completed the Argus course and yeah it was very good. Now the only thing is that im stuck in Iraq working with a bit of cash behind to purchase a van covert fit etc etc now work is there much out there and what is the best way to get consent work.

    Any other help in this matter is appreciated also im currently in Manchester if your nor far maybe a meet up for a drink more people i get to know in this part of the industry the better i think.

    HI There

    Just after some advice on what you think about the Arguseurope SV and PI cse?????

    I am looking at doing this cse in Feb next yr

    Does it cover static surveillance with the use of Cameras etc etc

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