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  • youd be lucky for 4 nights a week mate. The london industry is FLOODED with door staff. Personal contacts and luck will get you days. However saying that, getting 6 nights a week on some shitty little door where you are bored off your tits, getting paid £8 is easy, very easy. When I work a door, I want to have to work for it, I am not a stand here and open door person, so I prefer clubs and music venues, which are hard to get into.
    I did have a 6 nights a week post but the company pissed me off so I left them.

    Average door pay in london is apparently £8.50 now, me and my lot we dont get out of bed for less than £11. However a bloke I am working for now, I have massive respect for and his jobs are good, pays on time, quite often cash, and his lads are bouncers not jacket fillers, we will all be loyal to him and work for £10's.
    And yes I have a day job mate.
    hello mate.
    Philip security has a lot of 'yuppy' bars and most of their door staff are dreggs of society, but there are also some proper doormen and old school bouncers. Dare I say I was one of them, but they slowly began to get rid of us as we wouldnt change our ways. They want people for them to completely mould into what they want. I was one of their head doormen and the new ops manager turned out to be a twat who doesnt like young folk or people who know more than him, he also stole from the door staff (whole different story).
    He put shit guys on my door which was one of their more heavy handed doors (lots of drugs)

    Pay is £10p/h and they will take £2.5 off you a week for 'insurance' minimum is 5 hour shift. I was promised 20+ hours a week, and ended up less than 14.
    If you need work, then you can get work with them, as long as you pussy around in the interview and be as 'customer service' as possible
    Hi Sam, Thx for the message mate... and I of course wish you well with whatever it is you seek... nice to meet you briefly on here... CD
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