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  • Hi Smudge112,
    Only just noticed that you are in Melbourne OZ. Our only 'child' a daughter lives in Doncaster which from memory is not really that far away. As soon as our house sells, we are emigrating to be near her and her plonker husband, and will probably buy a house close by to them. Once settled in, I shall be running my business from there, as with the WWW and DHL. FedEx et al I can be anywhere.
    I'll let you know when we move, and maybe we can have a drink, lunch whatever.
    DS70 aka David Shenton
    Hey Smudge112,

    My name is Phil, I'm living in Australia since three years now, I'm originally from Germany. I was wondering whether you know of any good training companies for security consulting or close protection. Maybe also weapons technician. As I don't have a Australian citizenship yet, I am not able to make my way through the Australian Defence Force (I would love to). I'm currently studying a mix between International Security and Law, and was just wondering since I read on the forum that you are in Australia, whether you would be able to help me out a bit.

    Thanks in advance,

    hi mate are you still living in oz i was woundering if my sia licence will be accepted in australia i would appreciate it if you let me know cheers welshbodyguard
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