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  • Yeah I took the job mate... Got a Good ex-Royal mate on this one with me... I was in Africa with em, plus I've heard that SOC is a good company, they are working on better contracts, which is a good thing... SO, I deploy at the end of the week... Kinda crap when its me boys birthday and the holidays, but its a foot in...
    Hiya bud,

    Just had word from melissa and shane from soc. they have sent me a kit list and loa whats the crack have you heard any more? They still say flights will be in a few days I could do with after crimbo deployment now ive just took some work. what about you??
    yes mate i will keep going through it and see what happens im dying to get back out there so this could be the way. we will see keep in touch bud.
    Hiya mate,

    I too have applyed for the Iraq contract woth SOC. I am unsure about taking it? have you found anymore info out. it all seems a bit easy and flippant to me???? cheers bud by the way Im ex-British Army got out in 2005 so if I do go it wont all be muppets lol! cheers Dean
    hey, im in the same boat,email me if u want, i live in vancouver. waiting on a few things,but everyone is so full of shit!
    my email is J_bateman82@hotmail.com
    i served with the royal marines for five years
    Hey man, Did you have any info on SOC. Look's like wee are in the same contract for theme. Please if you get any info send my one message on nicky2005bv@yahoo.com
    I was in the Brits... But I'm from Vancouver. Served one year with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and six in Recce Troop in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment. Then did the Ronin South African course.

    Hereford... What a dump.... hahhaha! Its great our UK qualifications mean nothing here in BC... I've been having it out with the powers that make the call in Victoria... Man, the ignorance kills me! Apsolutley no ability to think for themselves, adapting and over coming doesnt seem to be a strength in Canada anymore... Like robots!
    I was in the Canadian Military for 5 years, Infantry and Combat Engineer. Just moved to BC about a month ago. Took a CP course in the UK earlier this year with Ronin, and got my SIA qualification, but not my license yet as I am still doing some school work on the military's dollar. Which reg were you with?
    Hi Somnus,
    Contractor here, one of these days i would also like to do the Ronin Close Protectioin course still collecting my Rands, please could you let me know how much you paid to do the course and what it was like. Contractor out.
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