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  • hi...thanx for the add!! as yet i'm still working towards my cp sia licence, finance pending the course!..i have just received my sia door supervision licence so will be wtd to help fund the course...will let you konw how things go....
    Yes we seem to have a lot in common 'sorcerer'- what with us both being in the RAF (me ex RAF Reg)

    Worked for the NHS for 6 years in a large hospital within a busy security team= lots of control & restraint!!!

    Plus I used to train in Thai boxing. (Korean Kickboxing & Taekwondo now as I'm a bit passed the full contact bit!)

    Therefore please keep in touch mate ;o)

    Hello, My name is Chris and I am a CP officer based in Cardiff. I just found your link on the internet and am also a member of close protection world. Whats the job like and are you looking to do CP work.
    Hi mate sice we have been frieds we havent been intruduced properley (excuse the speling I is a taff) i am 45 ex recce regiment welsh cav. I have worked in iraq and S America at this moment in time i am workig as security in the eurpean commision building i cardiff. I have not done any CP training. but I am looking to get a job with Armor group as a site security maneger. lots of jobs posted on 4exmil also look at troops to task, Para guard is also a good one for you jobs for the boys.
    all the best mate
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