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  • Hello, I'm Portuguese and I'm 27 Years. I was four years in the Military Police, and also participated in the course of the commandos. can tell me what the best course of Cpo and PSD, to work in high security risk? Thank you much happiness and good luck
    Hi ,sparkieni,I am Mochy 45Years old(ex soldier,ex policeman,ex secret service),and I am holder of a Intl.Close protection officer certificate.I live in Firenze and I am interested in working in the
    WorldWide Protective Service(Hostile Environment Protection Teams).So when you are a good option for me ,please contac me.
    Sorry took so long contractor, been offline for a while. Best thing to do is go to the website and click contacts. Theres 2 guys names there, Dale Allen and Steve Gill send your CV to them mate as there the 2 main men. Hope this helps
    Hi sparkieni,

    You dont Know me, I noticed that you work for JSI have been looking at there website.

    How is there recruiting process like any information would be much appreciated.



    Hey sorry bout the link
    It's SOC Inc., Special Operations Consulting - Security Management Group Incorporated go to careers section you should find it there.
    Hi sir how are you Thanks for that k9 position I tried to link to apply for the position I also went on the sharing link nothing worg do you have mabe the company name for me my email adress sniffman22@yahoo.com
    many thanks johan
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