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  • Hello Sparky,
    PM not working? I am interested in job for this weekend but would like some more info. Please message me and I will get back to you.
    Hey Sparky,
    Not able to PM you... interested, but looking for some detail... if you're able to contact me!
    Hi mate,

    I dont know if anyone else has got back to you about the Security Clearence! The only way you would be able to get SECRET Clearence is if you are Military in a specialist unit dealing with Secret information or operations, Police in a specailist unit or Security Services or any of the above in a Country who is a member of NATO. Clearence has an expiry date of when you leave that unit. You can sometimes get it if you work for a company who have Military contracts....

    Hope this helps

    hi sparky just noticed that you live in low fell . i dont live to far away from there it is were i play rugby
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