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  • hi mate hope you don't mind me having a quick scan through your profile. Just getting to grips with using this site and also soaking in as much information as possible. any advice?
    Hi Andrew

    Join the club mate! Thats why I post everything I get. Maybe somebody can get employed somewhere. Just check reguarly. You may find work. Here are a few "links" Good luck. Pierre

    Director of Security - Helsinki
    Crime Prevention and Investigations Specialist
    Security Manager/Responsable De La Sécurité, Workforce Management & Capacity Building, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
    Security - Outlet Security Agent , Middle East
    Security Manager , South Africa
    Security - Security Supervisor / Loss Prevention Supervisor
    Assistant Security Manager- Burj Al Arab Dubai
    Supply Chain Security Manager based in Shanghai
    Security Coordinator , Dubai
    cant get a bloody start in contracting< had a contract pulled on me 2 days before i flew out and now its dead out there...

    AMK9 not recuiting,Aegis Ronco VCSI and EODT all staffed up.

    Burnt out with it man, and will end up selling bloody cars at this rate.
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