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  • Hi,

    Just been reading on the fourm... seen ypur based in scotland.. were abouts are you? Im wanting to do my nasdu course... can you do the course and the certificate? Or if your local i would love to do some bite work :)


    Facebook..... bugzy thomaz


    I was advised by a member on the firm to contact you Specs.

    I would like to do my GP Security Dog handles course however I am looking for a provider. I'm from Scotland & willing to travel

    If you know of any training providers you can recommend id appreciate your advice. I have no experience in dog handing however I am looking to do this course to give me an insight into it and also because there is scope to become a handler in my current work place.

    Please PM me or contact ked00005@hotmail.com

    Kind Regards

    hi specs, can you email me? im looking to do dog handling and need help and advice seeing as you are in scotland, do you still do courses?

    my email is hutchie2003@msn.com
    John Davidson Recommended I contact you I am looking for a dog trainer in Scotland I work in Security with my Dogs, my older dog has got her NASDU Level 2 already but I am needing help to bring my yonger dog on
    hi iv emailed you on the address at the bottom of this page drugdogs@btinternet.com. i think i have one of your dogs now 17 months old, after googling the number from the old add its taken me from place to place and iv finally found you on here lol, if you can let me know if you get the email and get back to me please, thanks
    Hi There, I was looking to get into dog handling, but could do with some help? if you could email me donaldcampell10@hotmail.com Thanks
    I am also based in Scotland freelancing in surveillance and on the lookout for any opertunities. If you have anything or just want a wee chat then please dont hesitate to get in comms. I am fully equiped with operational surveillance van. My details are below.
    All the best,
    E; mikegraham@clansecurity.co.uk
    W; www.clansecurity.co.uk
    evening specs I did not recieve a message from yourself as I do not think my profile allows me. please could you e mail me the number


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