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  • Hi Splinter652, I'm fairly new to this forum and am still currently in 3 Para, I'm sure you're very busy but was wondering if I could pick your brains about a few things as I'm getting out soon and have a keen interest in moving into this line of work, any sort of feedback appreciated, kind regards, Christopherson.
    Just done 2 years in Libya.senior country management level. Multi Entry Visa valid until Feb 2014.
    Hi splinter652.......Interested in your lasted post for British Consultants for positions in Libya.I fly back to Tripoli on Wednesday...If you can check comms with me at cairneyw@aol.com I will send you my CV and any other details you need
    Hi Splinter652,
    Interested in your lasted post for British Consultants for positions in Libya. Don't have a current visa so would be interested in the long term role mentioned. If you can check comms with me at robertmfaulkner@live.co.uk I will send you my CV and other details you require.
    I know mate it must be very frustrating for you guys who are continuously employing... but! these guys, well some of them are absolutely desperate Splinter, in fact if I am truthful I have never seen such desperation even back to 03 to 05... Hey ho mate... enjoy your holiday and I think factor 30+ may be in order..? :)
    Very interested in Libya position , have vast security experience and available now. I do not have the Libya visa and in country experience, but i'm a fast learner and able to adapt easily. My e-mail address is paul.valentine999@btinternet.com
    So there is someone on here older than I..? Abingdon student then..? Good luck with the Recrutiment... CD
    hello sir

    i am verry interested for your offert i send you my email and my phone number atebaprotection@aol.fr phone:0033612043462
    Dear Splinter,
    I am writing with regards to the Libya position you have advertised on the forum. I have most of the criteria except Libya visa and in country experience. However I have vast experience within the oil & gas industry, in particular Basra, Africa and Somalia.
    I have qualifications in the form of VIPER & MIRA with Prometheus and ExMed,and have good working knowledge of degassing stations and oil wells.

    Can you possibly send me a contact email to enable you to view my CV and credentials.

    Yours sincerely
    Good day sir
    i see that you visited my profile and am writing to apologise for the lack of content therein,I would ask that you dont infer from that experience that I have the same lack of content as a person.
    I'm sure you are victim of receiving numerous messages from strangers begging for help to enter the industry on a daily basis,and I wouldnt like to add my name to the long list. I am curious to enter the maritime sector and have been poking around surreptitiously to enquire.
    I would always welcome any good advice from the learned
    regards Mike
    hi Splinter
    I see the psot for maritime transits is closed is there still a chance i can forward my Cv on. Ex Royal Marine landing craft coxswain, pfso sso quals.
    many thanks

    My name is Frank van Rijn,i come from the Netherlands.
    And i have very interest to work on your Company.
    Served in the Royal Dutch Marines corps 4 years.and afther step over 11 years served in many functions in the para/airmanouvre infantry brigade.Deployed on operations to the following countries.Cambodia ,Bosnia-herzegovina ,Macedonia ,Irak,Afghanistan, 2009 has been a watery experience in GOA, so feel free to throw any information in my direction.
    Just read your post about the short term maritime contracts and would like to know more, and how i can apply?
    many thanks,

    Craig Maclaren
    I am writing regarding the Maritime recruitment opportunity advertised on Close Protection World.

    I am CP qualified with SIA and SSO. I am available for immediate deployment.

    Could you forward details so that I can post my CV.


    I am contacting you, re your post 'Maritime recruitment opportunity'

    I am a trained, experienced and licensed CPO who can speak, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. I am based in London and able to deploy at short notice. I would be grateful if you could send me POC details so I can forward my CV.

    Thanks again for the post

    Take care

    I am contactting you ref the recent positions posted on the current vacancies forum.Ex RM, SIA CP Qualified. Please can you forward relevant address to send CV. Many Thanks
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