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  • Hi mate, think ive added you as a friend but you know how good I am at these kind of things!
    Spk to you soon. Erin!!!!
    Thanks for the advice on the Seamans Discharge Book, my private addy is spike6519@aol.com, if you could pass the forms onto me then I would greatly appreciate it. The only form I have is my RN Discharge Cert and also my SC document woth details of ships I served on etc.
    HI Greg,

    I just read your thread about the NEBOSH Certs some interesting stuff which has got me thinking now that i shold be looking into this if i want to become a consultant now where did you do your training for this was it at a centre or distance learning if a centre could you point me in the right direction please.Now also i have seen that you have done the CsC course with Anubis was it nails as this could be the next step i take.The reason i say nails after speaking to some people they say its more for ex wo's and officers and me only being an ex full screw with not much education but i have the will to learn and it would be great to become a consultant any info would be good thanks


    Email rayball9903@hotmail.co.uk
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