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  • Hi Standeasy. Is this position of Site Security Coordinator still vacant? If so, I would be very interested in setting up a dialogue with you about it. I am a British Security Consultant (ex- British Army) currently living and working in East Africa, with remote site security management experience along with several other security management disciplines. Please drop me a line and I will send full details and my CV. Regards, Steve Foreman. email: sabresquadron@gmail.com
    Hi is this position still available and if so I believe I fit the required criteria, i am contactabe on dereksteer@ymail.com.


    derek Steer
    Hi I came across the post of Site Security Coordinator that you have posted. I am interested in applying for the post. My e-mail is mornesl@yahoo.co.uk.


    Morné van der Merwe
    Hi not sure if you have filled the Site Security Coordinators role yet? If not I am interested in the post and I have experience that could suit this position. My email is dalectg@yahoo.com.

    Many thanks,

    Dale Robinson
    Hi I am Interested in the advertised position of Site Security Coordinator Indonesia. You can contact me at james.mcavoy@btopenworld.com.

    Many Thanks

    Good afternoon, Unfortunately I can't use the PM function on here. I believe my skill set and experience fit the criteria you are looking for with the added sense of humor!! I have been in a site security coordinator in various Middle Eastern locations.
    Please could you forward me details to apply to matthew@securityface.co.uk
    Many thanks
    Afternoon, I'm interested in the position and therefore would welcome any further details. I can be reached on johnmcfadyen@mail.com Thanks in advance.
    Hi, I am interested in this position ,so any details are welcome. Please contact me on caravalhodec@hotmail.com
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