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  • Yes, that's what I was trying to add to the London recruiting post.

    Roughly $750 US to apply, no guarantee and no refund. Travel and lodging and expenses on your own. Not exactly the usual international recruiting offers.

    I haven't taken a contract since 2008 when I finished up a tour with Triple Canopy, but, yeah, those conditions outright suck. IF they sponsored licensing, visa, travel and lodging at least I would make a go of it for the sole purpose of my fiancee enjoying time off from her position and enjoying a tour of merry old England.

    I'm currently looking more towards the gulf, not positions I don't need to carry a 416 on anymore. Preferably one that after the wedding she can visit. Qatar is looking promising, but I'm... cautious about Hamad Medical Corporation in general. Mixed reviews.

    Thank ya brother, keep your head down and your powder dry.
    G'day. New here. Could not reply publicly in the "London Ambulance Service" thread. Inquired. Short version: Pay the $750 US for a license, the cost to fly to and move to London, all expenses on you, and make 32-39k.

    Their emails are a bit much to copy and paste in this area.

    Have a wonderful day
    No sorry mate. Can't help with that one I'm afraid.
    Worth a punt on the main site though. You never know, you could get lucky.

    Cheers John.

    Starlight Out
    Hi Starlight , I hope u r v well mate . just put post in RGJ forum .

    Are there any rich ppl /orgs on CP that want to " purify " their assets by buying my house in Essex ?

    Do u know anybody on CP that wants extra cash in hand for 6 weeks quiet BS free accom for me and my partner in London ?

    Will be needed early Jan start ....

    Respect mate , John .
    Please delete my posts and account. I wasn't looking for somewhere to have a slagging match or bitch about people. But to simply find a professional networking site. to gain new contacts for future employment. A little disappointed with the childish behaviour but I'm sure i will get over it.

    happybuddhist here , 24719270 RFN WINTER , 2RGJ , MORTAR PLATOON in the heli crash in Omagh , on 14/11/91 . friend of rfn pendleton who was blinded . was gym staff / pti dover . 1 RGJ volunteer NI tour , replaced David mulley after he was killed in castewellan by bomb .early days - minden germany ...a few names ...byrne the bolt ....brick commender , paul dunne in NI in 1985 who became sgt major alot later . Went to wales with Tony Morrell .was in netheravon uk mortar plt .
    You alright starlight,
    Yeah see what your saying so ill explain myself. Did it for 2 reasons
    First is when i became a member lots of people welcomed me i havnt actually done this myself
    Yet. Second is i wanted to be able to send private messages as some of the guys i work with are on here
    Prefer to use this sending a message over FB
    Many thanks
    Any direction would be appreciated, if you have contacts in Florida.:
    Please contact me via email
    Hi Starlight,

    I know Lee Harris very well, in fact I put him onto the website and recommended he advertise himself. I'll speak to him tomorrow and get him to advertise himself a bit better and get rid of the full CV.

    Thanks mate,


    Thank you for your message. The gentleman to which your refer is an ex colleague of mine, a good guy and a consummate professional. Thank you for his details.
    evening Starlight,

    Just wondering how you got on with ISOS, and if you were offered a good gig with them. Im on last week of A&E placement at Northampton ( the ExMed OSMC) it is a good insight to what the Paramedics do, pure respect to them all. Excellent training, just makes me wish I could take 2 years out and do the Paramedic Uni foundation degree!

    Stay safe

    You keep posting this on various forums, and have been given good advice already.
    Unless you're a CMT1, a UK Paramedic, Nurse or Doc, you're not eligible to do the OSMC.
    If you can find a TP who'll give you a space on a course, then good luck. However, you'll struggle to find employment afterwards. A TP will argue differently, but they would wouldn't they, afterall, they want your money.
    Hy there Starlight,
    I 'm new here and I want to know more about Offshore medic courses.
    I'm thinking in attending one with Exmed.What your opinion about them?
    Thank you for your time.
    Hi mate just a message regarding the ronin stuff. Im an ex bootneck and been doing security in iraq/afghan/anti piracy, im keen on getting the quals to be a remote medic. What was your course of action after your ronin medic course if you dont mind me asking? As i think i want to go a similar route you yourself have take.

    'sneakier than a very sneaky thingy from sneaksville in sneakiland.' where you got that from i have no idea.... but i like it!
    Rgr that bro, thanks. Sometimes I'm sneakier than a very sneaky thingy from sneaksville in sneakiland. In fact so sneaky, it makes no sense to anyone what-so-ever. This is I suspect, a case in question.

    Cheers mukka
    your inbox is too full dumb dumb, empty it :)

    regarding your message
    "haha yeah it did fall on blind eyes, i really didnt pick up on the embedded meaning of it all..!
    I thought you just did a typo and put day instead of week or month :)"
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