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    Hi i have posted in past about this but feel so strong to all that makes this tick and all at top a massive thank you from all us for putting up with all us old and new i aint on as much at mo but always check in love to know we are all here for each other any way am going on just wanted to ask all of you for short measage to all our top mods to say what you feel about cp world forum.

    hank you steolaird
    hi mate well first use your search button at top of page or please contact a friend of mine mr carl dowd or eny of the admin mally anne ect they will have better knowlageof that as i am not sure what india offers i am sorry mate cant be of eny mor assistance but hope this helps take care and keep safe all the best matem, steo
    hey mate agree with u, i am nt ex military i will be doing a cp course soon...if u advice how to grow in ths sectorIn India the sector is nt organised .
    hi there i'am new 2 cp world and seen your from greenock...i'am in army the now but am about 2 get out i'am thinking about doing CP work .i need as mutch info as i can because it a big step for me leaving army its all i know.the VIP drivin sounds gd in uk but the cash sounds better doing the overseas work all info good/bad will be of thanks m8..
    Hi Steolaird

    I will be happy to help. send me ur details and im sure i cud send your boy stuff bits.

    All the best

    Hi Steolaird

    I have worked a few Brit Awards at Earls Court over the past few years, also i was with Paul Burrel for 6 months in 1999, and more recently David Miliband during a visit to Cardiff University so we may well have crossed paths along the way, if you check out t2 security training | Career in protection sector | BTEC Qualifications | Cardiff full CP course which includes the 3 day FAW Cert and the 3 day fastrack course also. Fture courses later this year will be SSO, HEPCO, HEAT and basic and advanced firearms training in Prague

    All the best
    Words of advice?............
    Looking to do a CP course to make myself more marketable. In your opinion, which is the best one out there?
    Steve, It all depends on where you are based and what you do. firearms courses are far more freely available here in the US than in Europe.
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