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    Looking for cp or rst work

    Hi Marcus, If you haven't already done so, look at the events security sector and build up towards VIP / Hospitality work and further build your connections that way. This industry is flooded with CP trained members but it all depends on your background. If you have no hostile military...
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    Looking for cp or rst work

    Hi Marcus, I am by no means an experienced CPO But just thought i would give you my humble advice. When your advertising yourself you need to give an introduction of your qualifications, experience including any military (if applicable) and the type of CP / RST work your interested in e.g. Low...
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    CPO Vacancy for the BBC

    Hi all, hope this vacancy is useful for someone. 1. Interserve 2. Search and Apply 3. The BBC are currently recruiting for a experienced Close Protection Officer. The officer must have a first aid qualification (full three day course completed). It would be ideal if the officer lived...
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    new guy looking for info

    Hi Rob, It is the individuals preference as to what route they want to go down. The CP course is one of the main choices, however I will tell you the way it is, if you don`t know anyone who is currently on the circuit you will find it very difficult to obtain this line of work unless of course...
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    Going to get licence

    I would just go for your DS license because as little woman said it covers you to work as a SG aswell as the obvious DS but the option is also there for you if you decided to work at events. If you find that your current employer is ok with you working for someone else aswell then the only DS...
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    Hi Alexa, I would recommend John Byrne from Axle Training based in Birmingham. There is no FPOS I course independently running but there is a joint FPOS I / MIRA on 10th Aug, 28th Sep and 26th Oct. Phone John on 07968099972 to see if he can sort something out for you. Here is the link to the...
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    Hostel for Homeless ex-service personel

    The only thing I have heard of is a centre in Llandudno, Wales for blind veterans. Hopefully there will be more places opening in the future as this is great to hear.
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    Security Guard - Liverpool Area

    Hi, I know of a full time Security Guard vacancy in the Liverpool area. It is an average of 48 hours per week, 12 hour shifts, mixture of days and nights, shift times 0630-1830 / 1830-0630 and pays £6.76 per hour. If interested, please PM me and I will provide further details. Kind...
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    Hi Ladyinred, There is a few good women I work with in the event sector. The event side is a...

    Hi Ladyinred, There is a few good women I work with in the event sector. The event side is a good place to start. What area are you from and willing to travel to for the training? Your not daft for pursuing work you want to do. Some companies specifically advertise for women so nothing...
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    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hi mate, if you haven't already done so, apply for event jobs with G4S and Showsec. When applying for jobs, read the job description and tailor your CV to what they are looking for. Don't just send a CV off and leave it at that, every 2 weeks send in your CV again, get noticed. If you want...
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    I'm looking for a cp job

    Shak, I am no expert but if you are looking for work then you need to put more effort and time into your posts. Remember, you need to sell yourself and if this is all your prepared to mention then it will show you only put minimum effort in and will give potential employers a negative picture...
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    Event & Venue Medic / First Aider / Advanced First Aider

    Cheers for the info Operator and Snaily, much appreciated.
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    Event & Venue Medic / First Aider / Advanced First Aider

    Hi all, I am seeking casual work as an event & venue medic / first aider / advanced first aider in the Liverpool area and enquiring if anyone knows of any companies who are looking to add to their database please? I have no experience but looking to branch out into this type of work. I...
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    Active shooters and bombs, time for every premsises to have procedures?

    There is 2 sayings I adhere to, "Complacency is the enemy of good security" and "Presence of the abnormal, absence of the normal". This seems obvious but it is the basics that will make the difference. No matter where you work, the threat is always there, it is essential that you know your...
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    Further tips on catching shoplifters?

    As a Uniformed Retail Security Officer your main role is just a visual deterrent. It is quite difficult to catch shoplifters if your floor walking as your uniform gives you away. I am not sure what your uniform is but let`s say you have to wear a hat then when your walking around and you...