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  • Hi Stu

    I have read your post ref - CV and was very interesting. Is it possible to get a copy of your templates please. Thank you.

    Hi Stu, is it possible to get a copy of your templates please and this may be a to much to ask but if I sent you a copy of my CV you wouldnt give me your feed back please.

    hi rob

    thanks for your help

    can you email me what you have and maybe we can get say 6 templates and a list of what content and to what context it should be

    i will ping them back to you for your advice


    thanks again

    Hi Stuart,

    I have read your post reference Cv's etc very true in what you said.
    There really are some god aweful ones out there.

    I have a variety of templates for CV's and other office related docs if you require any help etc.


    hello mate

    great to hear from you

    iam in the middle east running a defece - security - training company

    email me

    Hi Stu, been a long time buddy!!! Hope you and your family are in good health!! Hope you managed to find some great work, knowing you i'm sure you have... Nige here, I'm a team leader for group 4 now...what deals are going down then mate!! speak to you soon on this forum, please add me as a friend..

    yes i did my course a few years ago and they were great

    i have trained with other companies but i feel they are the best

    the training is mentally and physically demanding but its well worth it

    they have recently moved to new training premises which look better than before

    i keep in touch with them and hope to see them soon

    as far as work goes its very tough but not impossible

    militry experience will help you greatly

    do you want to do overseas hostile when you pass the course as i am managing director or of a defence company who carry out CP work in the middle east

    look forward to hearing back form you

    Hey mate,

    Thanks for the reply. So you did your CP course with Wilplan? Thought on the course, obviously i expect you to be a little bias but do you feel the course was conducted professionally and provided you with the relevant training in order to seek employment? My main concern is finding enough work as a beginner to the industry. I have a fair bit of military experience but specific CP work non.

    Any info would be welcomed greatly. Especially any tips for the Wilplan Trg as i think this will be the company i choose.

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