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  • Hi. I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help as i have seen a few posts relating to avaialble jobs. I am fully qualified in Private Investigation and have excellent Surveillance knowledge although do lack practical expericne. i am based near Gatwick, could you recommend any companies that may be suitable for me.

    Hi Swfitandcold
    Thanks for the jobs you posted at Cotsworld Group. I've applied last week but have not heard anything yet. How long did your application take with them? I've no previous experience but am 110% commited to entering this line of work. Do Cotsworld take on people that are not ex forces?

    Hi Swifty, would u be so kind as to let me know what the cotsworld group are like to work for, I noticed from previous posts you worked for them for a couple of years, just wanted to now what they are like too work for the kind of work involved, is it around the clock, are the really demanding, do you work alone, does every employee get there own van..equipment etc, i have no knowledge of this type of work just fancied a change & have an interview with them next week..sorry for going on, your help & info would be much appreciated..thanks
    hi yeah m8 what RGJ Batt was you i myself was 2rgj from dover to germany then 1rgj from NI to Blackpool

    Are you bust these days im looking to get into surveillance myself working in Iraq does my box in
    hi, think weve got it.
    ok well im defo new to this job so any help you can offer would be great, where do we start??
    ello m8 ex green jacket here could you send me that full crop list plz
    Cheers m8 what battalion was you and from when
    i was 2rgj from 92-97 then went to 1 rgj till 2007
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