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  • Hello Guys and Girls

    We have recently just ran our first MIRA course licensed by Ex MED up in sunny Scotland.

    This course can be ran individually or as part of a package, please see prices below.

    CP £1500
    FPOS I £450
    MIRA £1000

    CP & FPOS I £1850
    CP,FPOS I & MIRA £2800
    FPOS I & MIRA £1400

    Please see our website for all dates through out the year, Horizon Security Solutions - Training Scotland
    Hello tac

    Just read an old post there, did you ever start running FPOS I courses in Scotland, we currently have cp, FPOS and hopefully soon we will have Mira and always on the look out for new instructors.

    Cheers Paul
    Horizon Security Solutions - Home
    I just read your diploma mill post. Great collection of info.
    We talked on the phone last spring. I used to be BoonDoc but have now am Remote Medicine Ireland. My school here in County Kerry is focusing more on medicine than bushcraft.

    You probably saw our ad for the Remote EMT. It is certified by AREMT. We don't want to be thought of as a diploma mill.

    Before you send me a visitor message or PM - I do not accept or pass on CV's or Resumes, I don't know of any work outside of vacancies I post in the forum, and I will not pass on details of my contacts. Thank you for reading this message.
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