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  • Hi mate. I am having to return your message via a visitor message as my post was taking down and I had to re-post tonight. However the likely hood is that my post will keep on being deleted as Andy, the founder of The National Security College is a forum advisor. I tried to get in contact with the company several times via email and telephone contact but I had no luck. You're totally right, it is sad day when I have to post about my experience on the forum. The scary thing is they are an excellent training company and I have trained with them before but I have no clue why they ripped me off this time around.

    Thanks for the message

    Kenneth Dunn
    hey tap which part of the states are you from mate E also mate sent you an email address do not know if you got it as your PM box is full lent me know if you got it mate E
    to tap hope all is well mate as you know been spending some time in the gym whats the best exercise for shoulders to get them big and round dips or shurgs cheers edmunds
    150kg hey mate im only pushing 60kg on the bench it will take me a bit of time to get to that weight but when i do ill get in touch for a training session thanks for the advice E.
    Your opinion to tapemaster. I am not a specialist of souduku my passion are weapons has fires.....I am not a specialiste as you I am just stay 5 years in hostyle zone so ....Marry Christmas mate
    as u can tell i'm new to this and dont no a damn thing about pms how u do it? P.S. I hope I dont step on nobodys toes if I have I hav'nt meant to

    Was good to meet you on the 27th June, Great chat gave me alot to think about. Loving the blogs. When you get a chance can you email me the links to those courses that you suggested to me.

    Cheers Buddy
    i'm plannig to do the Trojan Securities course and wanted to ask you if you got some information or advise , much appriciated
    Thanks for your reply. i am still deciding to which trg company to go with, your reply has almost made it a certain go, with this comp. what is the fitness like, i am 41 a prison officer who does cv work and weights but not much running for 4 months, do i need to start pounding the streets again, cos if i have to then i will. do you enjoy the work. what are the prospects of employment at the end of course. thanks for your time..andyh
    Thank you Tapmaster I appreciate your advice very much. I will keep in touch with you and let you know how I am going. Yes I have started working out, every day except Sunday and I feel great. Take care and I hope I can catch up with you when you get back to US.
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