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  • Hello mate , My name is Michael Smyth 'Smudge' , I'm a full screw on 51 Sqn been in 7 years by the time I get out next july . I really want to get amounst the CP HE side of things as I'll still only be 25 by the time I get out . I've done 3 Tours 1 of Iraq and 2 of Afghan (still here now !) Any advice would be very much appreciated , I've only been on this site a day so it's all new , just trying to establish some friends on here to keep me right! Anyway nice to meet you and any advice would be greatly received! Smudge
    Hi Thanks,
    You need teaching quals to deliver the course, we could provide them in return for training dependant on Cv etc
    Hey teng, I saw your post re the Reg and joining up.

    I am looking to join up however decided to look at opportunities for when i do leave.

    Did you find getting security work/ Cp work hard? or feel disadvantaged to other branches like the paras?

    Hi, just another Ex-Rock working on the circuit here so thought I'd touch base.
    Feel free to drop me a line any time.
    Hello tengahboy,
    Just thought I would send you this link to a Reg forum. Im sure there are guys you will know on there..........

    RockNet, the Headquarters of the RAF Regiment Network • Index page

    Per Ardua
    Just thought id say "hi" from one fellow Rock Ape to another.. Still serving Honington making the jump early next year. Keep up the good work.." Per Ardua " ..
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