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  • Hi

    Probably filled this now, but available with my business partner to travel to NI at our expense if required. Ex Police/ Special branch etc. Our website is
    The Endeavour Detective Bureau - Oxford

    Steve Thrift
    I've just come across your advert relating to surveillance jobs in Northern Ireland and even though the advert is a little dated I would like to apply for this or any other position available. I have surveillance experience through the Army in and around south Down during the troubles as well as privately in County Offally against an illlegal abatoir. As well as surveillance I have search experiance, a current CP Licence, First Aid at Work. I look forward to hearing from you Mark. post2mark@btinternet.com 07821 536283
    Im looking into some iss surveillance traning. I am ex armed forces but have little close surveillance experience. Do you think this course would be worth my time and would it lead to eployment within the field?

    I'm ex-RM (some time ago!) but have been doing it since I left (Personal Injury insurance stuff etc.). I'm pretty flexible and a Trauma Tech to boot...if that's any good to you?

    Did a couple of Border tours in the Eighties. Has it changed that much? (!!!)

    No spring chicken but I have SV van and Op kit (cameras, night vision etc.)...and I can stay awake!

    Please let me know if you still want people.
    Are you still looking for female CPO's/ surveillance operatives? I don't want to waste your time if your not, but would like to send you a CV, as I am ex military 14 years Army and an experienced CPO. My email address is Karen _stroud747@yahoo.co.uk thank you for taking the time to read the post. Karen
    Hi, are you still looking for CROPS specialists for the border areas? I am very interested and live fairly local. Can u give me any more info?
    Hi Mate, it's static security with EODT. The pay is £42000 PA and the rotation is 4 months in 1 out. Not the best but needs must and all that. You MUST be in a position to email your CV, a colour copy of your passport and A COPY of your UK or NATO SC clearance

    email to: sarah.shelton@eodt.com

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