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  • Hello there. I am a current serving officer within Kent Police and noticed your post regarding scenarios for ARV. I have past the paper sift and have my assessment day shortly. Is it at all possible you could forward me any information you have regarding the scenarios you had just so this could assist me with my preperation? Many thanks.
    Hi Doc,

    Not to worry about the late reply. It just means that you were hopefully busy working and didn't have time to reply!


    Hello 1,2
    Hope all is well?
    I know I'm sad for saying this but.....

    I've been trying to see what that hobit is really saying for the last 2 min!!
    It looks like he says "protect you" BUT there's "OS" at the end ha
    Do you know what he is saying!?

    Hi Ginge, Glad your alive and well .....mainly I am doing maritime stuff these days what about yourself what you up to? 07734180360 liam.docherty@hotmail.co.uk
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